Curriculum Vitae


Lesley University, Cambridge, MA
2018-present   Assistant Professor, Political Science and Global Studies

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO
2013-2018        Assistant Professor, Political Science & International Affairs / Environmental & Sustainability Studies

University of California, Santa Cruz, CA
2012-2013       Instructor, Department of Politics
2010-2012       Instructor, Department of Latin American & Latino Studies
2007-2012       Teaching Assistant, Departments of Politics and Latin American & Latino Studies


Comparative politics, Latin American politics, globalization, politics of developing states, public policy, environmental politics and policy, community-based resource governance, water, climate change, social movements and collective action, Central America, Nicaragua.


University of California, Santa Cruz
PhD, Politics, December 2012
Degree Minor: Latin American & Latino Studies

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
B.A. with Honors in Foreign Language and International Affairs, May 2003
Emphasis in Spanish & Economics    Minor Latin American Studies

Center for Global Education, Guatemala, El Salvador & Nicaragua
Sustainable Economic Development and Social Change program 2002


2019  Transforming Rural Water Governance in Nicaragua: The Road From Resource Management to Political Activism. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

2016  De la gestión de recursos al activismo social: Los CAPS y la gobernanza del agua rural en Nicaragua. Managua, Nicaragua: Edisa.


2018  Romano, S.T. & Daum, C. “Transformative Practices of Teacher-Scholar-Activists in the Era of Trump.” New Political Science 40(3): 515-527.

2018  Romano, S.T. & Highby, W. “Environmental Activism of Teacher-Scholars in the Neoliberal University.” New Political Science 40(3): 581-598.

2017  “Transforming Participation in Water Governance: the Multisectoral Alliances of Water Committees and NGOs in Nicaragua.” International Journal of Water Resources Development 35(3): 430-445.

2017  “Building Sustainable Water Governance from the Grassroots: ‘Organic Empowerment’ and Its Policy Implications in Nicaragua.” Society and Natural Resources, 30(4): 471-487.

2017  LaVanchy, G.T., Romano, S.T., & Taylor, M.J. “Challenges to water security along the ‘Emerald Coast’: a political ecology of local water governance in Nicaragua.” Water 9(9): 655.

2016  “Democratizing Discourses: Conceptions of Ownership, Autonomy, and ‘the State’ in Nicaragua’s Rural Water Governance.” Water International 41(1): 74-90.

2014  Lu, F., Ocampo-Raeder, C., Romano, S.T., & Crow, B. “Equitable water governance: Future directions in the understanding and analysis of water inequities in the global South.” Water International 39(2): 129-142. (Correction to authorship here)

2012  “From Protest to Proposal: The Contentious Politics of the Nicaraguan Anti-Water Privatization Social Movement.”  Bulletin of Latin American Research 31(4): 499-514.


2018  Romano, S.T. & Highby, W. “Campus Organizing towards the Democratization of Shale Oil and Gas Governance in Higher Education.” In J. Whitton, M. Cotton, & K. Brasier, eds., Governing Shale Gas: Development, Citizen Participation and Decision Making in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Earthscan Routledge.

2017  “Building Sustainable Water Governance from the Grassroots: ‘Organic Empowerment’ and Its Policy Implications in Nicaragua.” In P.L. Taylor and D.A. Sonnenfeld, eds., Water Crises and Governance: Reinventing Collaborative Institutions in an Era of Uncertainty. Philadelphia and London: Taylor & Francis Publishers (originally published in Society and Natural Resources, 30(4)).

2017  “Democratizing Discourses: Conceptions of Ownership, Autonomy and ‘the State’ in Nicaragua’s Rural Water Governance.” In R. Boelens, et al., eds., Hydrosocial Territories and Water Equity: Theory, Governance, and Sites of Struggle. Routledge (originally published in Water International, 40(1)).


2012  Lipschutz, R. & S.T. Romano. “The Cupboard is Full: Public Finances for Public Services in the Global South.” Municipal Services Project, Occasional Paper No. 16 (March).


External Support
2019-2020          Fulbright Scholars Award (declined)
2012-2013          National Science Foundation, Workshop Co-Organizer & Post-Doc: “Multi-Scalar & Cross-Disciplinary Approaches towards Equitable Water Governance” ($50,000)
2009-2010          Fulbright Fellowship, Institute of International Education ($14,500)
2009-2010          Pacific Rim Research Program Grant, Univ. of California ($10,800)
2009                  Pacific Rim Research Program Mini-Grant, Univ. of California ($5,000)

Internal Support
2018                Provost Award for Travel, University of Northern Colorado ($3,130)
2017                Provost Award for Travel, University of Northern Colorado ($896)
2016                Summer Support Initiative grant, University of Northern Colorado ($6,000)
2016                 Provost Award for Travel, University of Northern Colorado ($5,257)
2015                  Summer Support Initiative grant, University of Northern Colorado ($5,000)
2014                  Provost Award for Travel, University of Northern Colorado ($3,775)
2014                  Summer Support Initiative grant, University of Northern Colorado ($3,000)
2013-15            Research, Dissemination and Faculty Development award, University of Northern Colorado ($9,878)
2009-12             Graduate Student Association Travel Grant, UC Santa Cruz
2008                  Chicano/Latino Research Center Research Grant, UC Santa Cruz
2007                  Department of Politics Travel Grant, UC Santa Cruz


2017  “Water Equity and Environmental Justice: Where do we go from here?” The Water Center and Environmental Justice CSU Symposium, Colorado State University

2016  “Environmental and Energy Justice in the University Context,” Energy Justice Roundtable, Colorado State University

2015    “From Resource Management to Political Activism: Extralocal Allies and the Construction of Multi-Scalar Water Networks in Nicaragua,” Department of Geography and Environmental Studies Colloquium, University of Denver

2014   “Geographical Research on the Fracking Frontier: Understanding the social and environmental dimensions of developing shale fossil fuels,” invited panelist, American Association of Geographers, Tampa, April 9-14

2009   “It’s All For Sale: Market Mania, Eco-Barons and the New Geographies of Enclosures & Openings,” invited panelist, American Association of Geographers, Las Vegas, March 17-22


2018 “In Pursuit of Equity: Water and Climate Justice,” American Association of Geographers Conference, April 10-14, New Orleans (with Farhana Sultana, Syracuse University).

2016  “The Politics of Community-Based Water Governance: State-Society Relations,” Latin American Studies Association, New York, May 27-30 (with Catherine M. Tucker, University of Florida).

2016    “Multi-scalar Conflicts over Hydraulic Fracturing,” American Association of Geographers, San Francisco, March 29-April 2 (with Jen Schneider, Boise State).

2014    “Fracking Landscapes: Examinations of Governance, Identity and Resistance,” American Association of Geographers Conference, Tampa, FL, April 8-12 (with Shaunna Barnhart, Allegeny University).

2013   “Mobilizing the Masses: Civil Society and the Right to Water,” American Association of Geographers Conference, Los Angeles, CA, April 9-11 (with Adam French, UCSC).

2011   “From Co-production to Co-optation: The Multi-Scalar Politics of Community Organizing for Resource Governance,” American Association of Geographers Conference, Seattle, WA, April 12-16 (with Kathleen O’Reilly, Texas A&M).


2017    “Examining the Legalization of Nonstate Water Management Regimes in Latin America,” American Political Science Association, San Francisco, August 31-September 3.

2016    “Transforming Participation in Water Governance: The Multisectoral Alliances of Rural Water Committees and NGOs in Nicaragua,” World Congress of Rural Sociology, Toronto, August 9-14.

2016      “Más allá de las leyes”: Examining State Recognition of Community-Based Water Management Regimes in Nicaragua,” Latin American Studies Association, New York, May 27-30.

2016      “From ‘Frackademia’ to ‘Ecological Democracy’: Faculty Engagement in the Context of University Governance,” American Association of Geographers Conference, San Francisco, March 29-April 2.

2014      “Democratizing Discourses: Conceptions of Ownership, Autonomy, and ‘the State’ in Nicaragua’s Rural Water Governance,” paper presented at Regadio, Sociedad, Territorio Congreso Internacional, Valencia, Spain, September 24-27.

2014    “Fear and Fracking in Colorado: Faculty Inquiry, Activism, and Abstention at the University of Northern Colorado,” co-authored paper (with Wendy Highby, UNCO) presented at the American Association of Geographers Conference, Tampa, April 9-14.


2017-2018      Guest editor, “Transformative Practices of Teacher-Scholar-Activists in the Era of Trump,” New Political Science (forthcoming Sept. 2018)
2015-present          Peer reviewer: Energy Research and Social Science, Geoforum, Human Organization Journal of Rural Studies, Land Use Policy, Law and Society Review, Local Environment, Palgrave Macmillan, Water Alternatives
2016-present      Editorial Board, Water and Knowledge, National Autonomous University, Nicaragua
2015-present       Board member, Energy & Environment Specialty Group, American Association of Geographers
2016                Consultant, Enabling the Business of Agriculture project, World Bank Indicators Group


American Political Science Association (APSA)
American Association of Geographers (AAG)
American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
Latin American Studies Association (LASA)


2017-2018        Faculty advisor, Earth Guardians student club, UNCO
2016-2018        Faculty-led Student Support Task Force, UNCO
2013-2018        Community and Civic Engagement Committee, UNCO
2016-2017        McNair Scholars Program faculty mentor, UNCO
2013-2015        Hydrofracturing Task Force (Frack*ED), UNCO
2011                  International Development Research Cluster, UC Santa Cruz
2008-2009        Political Ecology Working Group, UC Santa Cruz


2015                   “Clean Water in Nicaragua,” UNCO
2013                   “Water Rights in Latin America and Weld County,” UNCO
2008                   Discussant, “Formalities of Poverty: Thinking about Social Assistance in Neoliberal South Africa,” Dr. James Ferguson (Stanford University), UC Santa Cruz


University-Level Instructorships
Introduction to Political Science Comparative Environmental Politics Environmental Social Movements Environmental Governance Latin American Politics  International Law and Organization International Political Economy  U.S. Foreign Policy Perspectives on International Relations Globalization  Global Issues and Challenges Drug Wars Democracy, Citizenship & Human Rights in Latin America  Organizing Across the Americas  Scientific Writing

Graduate Teaching Assistantships
Social Science Analytics Politics & Society: Concepts & Methods  State & Capitalism in American Political Development Democratic Politics Democracy & Society Congress, the Court & the Presidency  The Nation-State & Global Politics   Global Organization.


2017                Teaching and Learning Conference, American Political Science Association
2016                Writing and Designing NSF Proposals, Grant Training Center, Denver, CO
2016                Flipped Classroom workshop, Center for Teaching and Learning, UNCO
2016                Teaching Writing workshop, Center for Teaching and Learning, UNCO
2015                Quality Matters Teaching Academy for Online Learning graduate, UNCO
2014                Intro to Service Learning: An Engaged Faculty Institute, Campus Compact of the Mountain West


2005-2006   Research Assistant, OMNI Research & Training, Denver, CO
2003-04     Program Associate, Institute of Cultural Affairs, Washington, D.C.
2003        Cuba Project Assistant, Center for International Policy, Washington, D.C.


2017-2018           Board member, 350 Colorado
2014-2018           350 Northern Colorado
2013                     Weld Air and Water


Spanish fluency
Working knowledge of group facilitation methods in focused conversation, action planning, strategic planning, and consensus building.